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When the weather gets freezing, the last thing you probably think about while deciding what to wear is how to look stylish. Take me for example, I really suffer with low temperatures and in winter my priority is to stay warm, no matter what I look like.

But this year we’re lucky, because some winter trends taking up the streets in 2017 are really comfy, warm AND stylish.

So here’s a little receipt to stop looking like a woodsman every time you take the subway to get to the office or uni. Start adding a stylish twist to your daily outfits with these  winter trends!

 Wear A Statement Faux Fur

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Faux furs are the big perks we were waiting for after years of quilted down coats and parkas, which often come in dark or dull colors. I don’t know you, but I was tired of wearing the same styles day after day, year after year and stylish wool coats are not warm enough. Plus, one of the things I was missing more during the cold season was color.

But, this winter faux furs have finally made their entrance and there’s a lot of beautiful fur coats to wear everyday to stay warm and stylish. When you opt for a statement coat like this leopard print faux fur you don’t have to worry about wearing a total black look or thick jeans and your favorite pullover, they all look great.

Finally, what I’m loving more about faux furs is their comfort. They’re soft and cozy, but above all they keep you warm. So, this year I’ve invested in faux furs and I got three. One is a sporty hooded jacket like this, then I have a peachy pink faux fur very similar to this that I got on sale in Milan.

And the third one is a faux fur coat that I designed for myself and had completely handcrafted by a trusted seamstress. It’s very similar to this except for the color. Mine is a grey-pink shade that I’ll show you very soon in another post!

Walk In OverKnee Boots

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Over knee boots are among my favorite winter trends for shoes this year. Although their versatility is not the same as a fur coat that you throw on in any occasion, when it comes to shoes, they’re still a great alternative to heavy boots or unwearable high heels.

Wear them on any skinny pants or jeans and under any skirt to feel your legs protected from cold wind, rain and all the rest. And from a styling point of view, knee high boots are another statement item that totally upgrades an average outfit, just make sure you find the right heel for you. Like, if you’re wearing over the knee boots at the office and you’ll wear them for 12 hours, maybe a medium to low heel will keep your feet happier.  Anyways, the best choice that I found for ridiculous prices is here!

Pull On A Stylish (& Cozy) Sweater

#wintervibes via @pinterestingplans

Starting from fall and all along winter it’s sweater weather, and this year there’s so much choice among ruffle tops, cozy sweaters and statement sleeves that you can randomly pick something at any shop and it will surely look great. Like the criss cross knitted sleeve in this outfit or all the sweaters I found here at amazing prices ( now even on sale).

The outfit upgrade secret behind any top is simple. A top, a sweater or a coat is very close to your face, and it frames most of the upper half of your body, which is the first thing people sees when they look at you. So, when you wear a great top like a stylish knitted sweater in a color that compliments your face you’re playing your ace card and getting an instant style boost!

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