Leather jackets are like ice cream. Maybe not necessary to have, but so cool!

Together with jeans, they’re are among the most stylish, cross seasonal and unisex staples to go for when you you want to dress with personality in an effortless way.

But just like with gelato, chances are it’s so easy to get stuck in the wardrobe ( read ice cream display) without a clue on what to wear with a leather jacket, right?

Let me come to the rescue then, time is precious!


The Total Look: Black Bottom And Black Leather Jacket

What goes with a black leather jacket?

Wearing black pants is probably the first option that comes to your mind when you think about your biker jacket, that’s my first option too. And you’re right, it’s a good idea!

The black on black outfit is never wrong and if you play with the rest of the details it’s easy to come out with different moods. For example you could wear a striped tee and flats to get casual chic or a dark jumpsuit plus heels for a more sophisticated style.

Or you could wear relaxed jeans and a hoodie for a more active and sporty look.. endless possibilities here!


Beyond Black Leather: How To Wear Colors

Because leather jackets comes in colors too, and they’re fantastic.

The blushed and pale hues are great for transitioning and keeping your outfits feminine.  I like how they keep the ensemble light and bright without loosing the luxurious appeal (and smell) of leather.

Either if it’s leather or suede, you can opt for jeans and sneakers for a daily look or get a refined twist with little details. What about wearing a lace top for example?


Get Cozier: Layering On Sweater Weather

If it’s fall, winter or even the last days before switching to spring and you have no clue of what to wear with a leather jacket, because the weather it’s so unpredictable despite what the apps on your phone say, stick to layers!

Layer your jacket over a big turtleneck and put a maxi scarf on top for maximum warmth or just go with t-shirt and scarf or more layers. The sky is the limit. Together with your jacket’s sleeve width.

A hint: 

I love how I look in leather jackets, but I’m also very sensitive to the cold and layering is my first choice in spring and fall.

One detail that I find so useful when it comes to wearing a raw sweater under leather jackets are zippers on the sleeves. Not only they accessorise the jacket and add a casual twist when you left the open. They also help to get wider  sleeves, just in case.


Break The Clichés With Chiffon

As easy as it comes to mind pairing your leather jacket with pants and jeans, it could be less natural to build an outfit based on said jacket and a chiffon maxi skirt, right?

Yet, I find they’re a great match. Maybe not so handy in real life and more enjoyable on instagram than at work, but so what? If you like the outcome, you can always try to wear something so inspiring on your weekends or vacations. Or stay conservative and wear minis or pencil skirts. Style is freedom!

What to Wear With a Leather Jacket: Keep it Simple

If it’s true that style is freedom, I couldn’t be more fond of the quote I’ve crossposted across my social accounts: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

That’s why when you stare at your closet wondering what to wear with a leather jacket or anything else, the simplest choice is often very on point.

Here we go, white t-shirt and red lipstick. What’s your favorite style?

Cover Credits: Memorandum, other styles via Pinterest

There’s a couple funny ways to put ’em on your shoulders though..!