Choosing summer to fall outfits is like packing for a trip at the tropics on Christmas, with your doorstep covered in snow and your dog suspiciously pointing at that Magical Frosted Forest Candle lit on the bookshelf.

Will I need a hoodie? Or even long sleeves? Maybe it gets colder in the evening… But it’s the tropics, it MUST be hot!  …So you’re stuck it the closet for the rest of the night.

The truth is, deciding what to wear when you don’t have a clue of what the weather will be is confusing. An annoying pain in the neck.

Because maybe it’s going to rain, but put on the wrong top and you’re going to sweat your way off ’til work. And the so called armpit waterfalls will instantly turn into icicles as you step in the office.

So, how to put together the best summer to fall outfits?

The ideal solution is playing with layers and accessories. But there’s so many ways to do that, and for one week we got you covered!



It might not be the best day of the week, but at least it should come after a relaxing weekend, right?

If you’re ready to take the city and get back to work with a positive vibe, you’ve likely forgot your cubicle’s temperature is perfect to host a colony of penguins.

But it’s Monday, and you’ve gathered all your energies to get out of bed and put together a cool office outfit.

So, here it is:

  • A flowy black dress is always on point, and when it’s not too tight you can dress it up or down for many occasions.
  • A tan leather shopper is the easiest thing to accessorise your outfits, because it’s neutral and you’ll wear it all year round. That’s a good investment.
  • A lightweight coat or kimono trench to keep you warm in the transitioning season  is ideal to get your typical charming twist. I bought a cotton coat at Zara last spring and it literally made every outfit look refined and sophisticated. You should definitely put it on your list.
  • Depending on your office dress code, the tan sandals may or may not be very indicated for work. But they’re another basic you can easily put on everything because they’re neutrals. Take Anna Wintour for example. She wears neutral shoes most of the time and she’s always on point.
  • Style summer to fall outfits like this with the accessories that inspire you most, like a long necklace or something more flashy. It’s YOUR Monday after all!



..Oh Tuesday!

You still have some energy to put on your look, and even if you won’t admit it to yourself, you’ve surrendered to the nordic breeze blowing on your desk. And it’s not even summer anymore, so you’re opting to get much coverage. Especially on your feet!

  • Suede booties are very useful during the transitioning period. They’re comfy enough to keep your feet dry if it rains and fresh when it’s sunny. Plus, they’re cute. Oh… and obviously, you should opt for neutrals!
  • Blue jeans? Perfect! Usually, I’m unable to wear jeans and pants in the warmer season, but as the weather gets a bit colder they become my go-to piece for most of my summer to fall outfits.
  • An oversized dip-back tunic is my favorite piece for the upcoming season. Layer it with skinny pants and leggings for a polished look. And when it gets colder, you can add new layers, like shirts to put under or big scarves to put over it!



Wednesday is the longest day of the year. And it happens every week!

And if on the one hand you’re tired from the two days you’ve already worked, the calendar says you still have to work two more days before the weekend begins. So, let’s take it easy…

  • If there’s a good side of looking at your feet while you depressively commute for work, that’s shoes. If you look at your shoes and you like them, you can skip the therapist. But they also have to be cushy or it won’t work! So here’s the rule: On Wednesday start putting together your outfit form the shoes.
  • The rest will come. Something comfy, warm and possibly colored. Something that will let you rrrrrrun away at five. O’ clock.
  • On your way home, buy some flowers and put ‘em in your shopper. They’re the cutest.



Are we talking about summer to fall outfits without mentioning denim jackets?

Let’s wear it on Thursday, when the half-workweek day is gone and Friday’s a bit closer. Style it as you want:

  • A denim jacket is easily wearable on anything. From skirts to pants, even layered  with other denim pieces, it’s up to you.
  • The bag? This black Céline has enough room for all your tech and beauty things. But if you want to save (a lot) of money and get something (very) similar, you’ll like this one…!



Once your fave weekday finally comes and you’re charged again, don’t think twice!

Wear a cool office apropos that will bring you right at the happy hour once you get  off the cubicle. Drink a lot. You decide what!

  • What about turning your office blazer in a cocktail-prompt piece? Just make cuffs and add a bunch of jewelry.
  • Wear distressed boyfriends and ballerinas. But put a pair of nude pumps in the bag!

# Saturday


Saturday’s for shopping.

Or for what you like doing on the weekend. Opting for an easy and comfy outfit? Then you’ll like a pair of neutral booties, a little shoulder bag, your favorite jeans and:

  • A big scarf. It’s stylish and it keeps you warm. Opt for a light weight scarf in the  brighter shades of the colors that best suit your skin tone. You’ll look extremely relaxed!



…Finally Sunday!

It’s time to go out for a walk and a picnic until it’s sunny. The transition outfit I picked in this case is half summer half fall, because if you walk under the sun chances are it’ll be hot. Until you walk in a shady spot and get instantly freezes by the wind.

  • Wear a long-sleeved lightweight dress and suede booties.
  • The pastel pink backpack? You’ll love it more than ice cream (this one will save you $$$) !

Now, I have an idea about your favorite day. But what are your summer to fall outfit essentials?

📸 Cover Credits: Mi Aventura Con La Moda – Other pics via Pinterest (follow here!)

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