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The first time I saw ruffles, I must have been 5 or so and It was around 1986. I’m so sure about it because the trends I’ve deeply loved when I was a child, just fill my heart again when they come back.

It’s the same feeling I get anytime I see sparkling objects and patent leather. So, this year I’m crushing again on ruffled tops. And, if I can’t really tell when my love for sequins actually began ( I believe they’re just part of my dna), I can clearly see myself wearing ruffles at one of my birthday parties instead.

My sweater was candy pink, with a big ruffled and pleated collar. No need to say I also wore a black lace round skirt with black patent leather shoes which were my very personal staple at the time.

Ruffles, like sparkly things, are feminine and they turn any regular garment into something special, adding elegance, taste, movement and make outfits pop out!

Plus, the best trends usually tend to become classics. And ruffled tops are definitely making a big comeback that won’t stop any time soon. So, here’s the roundup you were waiting for, or at least the one that I was waiting for!

Here’s the best outfits featuring ruffled tops I’ve spotted on Instagram lately and the exact links to shop each top. Oh …and you won’t believe the price!

The Best Ruffled Tops To Shop Right Now

#outfitinspo via @thriftsandthreads

This white sweatshirt looks so soft and versatile. It’s great combined with jeans, but imagine wearing it with a miniskirt and over the knee boots.. so-phisticated! It comes in two colors and for $74 it’s a steal.

#outfitinspo via @nidabun

A white blouse with two ruffled ribbons on one sleeve and large cuffs is an elegant statement and it’s ideal to add a glam twist to any bottom. I’d wear it a thousand times on boyfriend jeans or high-rise skinny black pants, a round satin skirt or a high waisted pencil one, the options are really endless. And the price it’s even better. Get it for $84 but it’s a staple to wear all year round.

#outfitinspo via @pamallier

Pink and gold or black and gold? You tell. I’ll pick both, because I’m so in love with this sweater that it was the input for this post. Among all the ruffled tops I picked for this roundup, this is definitely my favorite. It’s romantic and bubbly at the same time and it’s great to push any daily and comfy outfit at a higher level. At only $72 my credit card is begging to be used!

#outfitinspo via @katriin91

Did I mention the ruffles are detachable? This sweater is unmissable..

#outfitinspo via @stylemba

This striped shirt is highly recommended if you want to look very fashionable, and if you want to enhance the width of your shoulder. The way ruffles are shaped around the shoulders will make them look a bit wider and the off-shoulder frame will add a romantic twist. Wear it with jeans and heels for a refined twist, but try this shirt with a leather skirt and people will ask the name of your personal stylist. This beauty will knock your door for as little as $84!

#outfitinspo via @alexandralapp_

Denim and ruffles make a gorgeous and dramatic contrast on this blouse, and they’re perfect together. The denim on denim styling in this outfit looks great and I’ve also loved seeing this blouse paired with the ’60s vibes of a checkered miniskirt, a slip dress or under a stylish overall. So much style for $68, kill me please!

#outfitinspo via @coolhunterdiary

Feeling the need to bring out the ballerina inside you? Then this pullover does for you. Although it’s the most expensive among our picks ( but still, only $158 ), it’s soft, cozy, stylish and wearable. I loved this over a simple pair of jeans because the tulle ruffles add so much taste, and if sometimes you want to use it without the ruffles, just detach them and you’re good to go!

#outfitinspo via @ladyaddict

The wide ruffled cuff of this knit top totally got me, and for $58 I believe it will also get you! This simple sweater comes in three shades and the magnificent but still wearable cuffs are always highlighted by a contrasting hem. A little gem!

Cover picture via @ladyaddict and @miss_gunner & every outfit featured here comes from Instagram. Follow me at @femjungle for more #outfitinspo!