New year eve 3 outfits for the party

The best way to decide what to wear on New Year’s Eve?

For me there are 4 essential steps before getting ready for the party. First I turn on the stereo and start listening to the tracks my mood dictates at the moment. Second, I pull out one item from the closet, only one, whatever makes me feel inspired. Third, I build my outfit around that piece. And lastly, I’ll add a touch of sparkle.

But this year the process is a bit different! Because FemaleJungle is partnering with Wolford, one of the most luxurious hosiery brands, we’ve been inspired by the thousand sparks and the infinite softness of their Diamond Shine collection. And we’re bringing you 3 different styles to inspire your New Year’s Eve party outfits!

The Layered Little Black Dress

New Year Eve outfits - black dress and fluffy details

New Year Eve Outfits - little black dress

New Year Eve Outfits - black dress and glittered tights

New year eve outfits with wolford limited edition

You can never go wrong with a little black dress, and if you layer it with the 32,000 shiny rivets of the Diamond Shine string body and a fluffy shrug, you’re ready to say hello to the new year in great style.

And since we love to keep our legs warm and glittery, we decided to add another layer with the super elegant Diamond Shine tights!

When Elena ( our friend/model) touched these items while getting dressed, she felt in love with the softness of the fabric and how comfy it feels on the skin.

The Nostalgic Mood

New year eve outfits lace skirt

New year eve outfits elegant style

NYE Outfit Ideas With Wolford

As the diamond body got us in a mood that I could define as half nostalgic ballerina – half ’50s nostalgic, we decided to style it with a lace & tulle round skirt.

At this point and updo was necessary. But, once the updo was done, could we ignore the classic pearl necklace + bracelet laying on the bed?

Maybe we’ve gone a bit too far with jewelry this time, but Elena and I loved this outfit and we were so happy to experiment with hair, clothes and accessories that I feel you’ll forgive us, right?

The Rock & Glam Mood

Or how to wear a plaid skirt & leather jacket at your New Year’s eve party.

Party outfits new year eve plaid inspo

New Years eve leather jacket outfit and diamond skirt

New Year Eve Outfits - leather jacket and Mini skirt

New Year eve outfits ideas - grunge style diamond skirt

Wolford diamond Collection New Year's Eve 2017

This outfit is probably my favorite. Because who said New Year’s Eve parties must be elegant or formal? We love to mix and mess clothes – bahaha! –  and this time our mood was playful and a bit less obvious.

So, we mixed up a flannel plaid shirt coming straight from the ’90s and layered it with a super soft black leather jacket. Wolford did the rest: the diamond skirt is covered in a ton of shiny rivets and the diamond tights are its perfect complement.

This time I was inspired by grunge music and the idea of a home party, so I tried to put together the coziness of festivities with the sparkle of parties. Let’s step in the new year with a drumroll!

Thanks to Elena Rosi for modeling. Style, hair, makeup & photos by Anna F. Leo (FemaleJungle).