The science behind a life-changing breakthrough in your personal development.

Imagine what it would be like if you could manage your mood in order to feel happier, powerful,  and learn how to be confident in a flash.

What if I told you that in about 2 minutes from reading this post, you will have the proven tools to get a breakthrough in your life, and reshape it for better?

If the idea to live your life confident, happy or powerful seems overwhelming and unachievable, or you just don’t know where to start form, stick to this post and you’ll be surprised.

The research that I’m going to share will have an actual impact on your life, and though it comes from Columbia University and Harvard University, it’s insanely easy to put it into practice.

You just need 2 minutes, nothing else!

Let your body tell you you’re powerful and deserving, and you become more present, enthusiastic and authentically yourself.

Dr. Amy Cuddy, PHD

Look, what you’re about to learn is a radical new approach to change your mindset, inside and out and how to be confident in every situation of your life.

The basic idea is that your body posture actually changes your behavior and your beliefs, due to major changes in your hormone production while you do “power posing”.

The Power Of Power Posing

Needless to say, your posture and your appearance are prone to influence the behavior of the people around you, this is a fact. But what if that same posture and appearance affect your mindset, your relations and, on a deeper level, your life?

The idea to test this assumption came form observing common postures in humans and animals. Since some poses always express the same feelings, such as power, the study wanted to prove if the contrary was also true. Do power poses actually cause power?

You bet it!  And in a minute I’ll show you how to be confident using this technique.

By simply changing physical posture, an individual prepares his or her mental and physiological systems to endure difficult and stressful situations, and perhaps to actually improve confidence and performance in situations such as interviewing for jobs, speaking in public, disagreeing with a boss, or taking potentially profitable risks.

Do you still believe that academic research is boring? Actually, it couldn’t be more connected to reality and devoted to enhance your daily life!

The breakthrough paper shows how simply assuming certain poses causes changes in your body chemistry, that instantly impact on your real life, including career achievements, succeed in your goals, and the life-changing goal of getting confident.

Turn Yourself Into Wonder Woman With A Spin

The researcher behind this fantastic discovery couldn’t be anybody else than a smart woman, Professor Amy Cuddy, with an inspiring story and a big message to share. With this paper, and with her own life she was able to transform the “Fake it til you make it” statement into “Fake it til you become it”. And it actually works.

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Clearly, the real challenge for women like you and me nowadays, is not just the open competition that’s taking place with the male world in job positions. It is also and foremost the lack of confidence you need to break that glass ceiling that keeps you locked in your little cubicle, or simply doesn’t let you plan and realize your dreams.

Knowing that you have a proven method to almost instantly increase your confidence, looks like a miracle, but it’s actually proven science.

How To Be Confident Striking Poses

The  most shocking data from Cuddy’s research is that a power pose, not only shapes and changes your immediate feelings and mood, but it actually reshapes your personality.

The data behind this research are astonishing and yet believable, since posture produces changes in the chemistry of your body.

After you assumed a power pose for just one minute, testosterone hormone increases and cortisol decreases, making you feel powerful ( testosterone) and relaxed ( low cortisol) which is the typical chemistry of a leading personality, who knows how to be charismatic and always look so decided.

Now you will ask, ok what should I do then, fake I’m happy? Fake I’m confident? That won’t change my day..

I dare you! Just try two of these for one minute each:

Pose #1:  Fank Underwood

The Boss power pose

As you can see from Frank’s posture, this pose is highly powerful and authoritative. Try to take this position for a while before popping in a briefing where you want to make a clear statement about your ideas!

Pose #2: Wonder Woman

how to be confident like wonder woman

This is fantastic, it expresses dominance towards the person you’re having a conversation with, and I find it’s highly feminine. Don’t be scared to use it when you need courage to talk to someone.

Pose #3: Win Win Win

winner power pose how to be confident

This is a sort of visualization exercise that make you feel you succeeded even before you start. For me it impacts in less than one minute! 🙂

Experience how to be confident before a job interview: just head in the bathroom, close the door and power pose for a couple of minutes before entering the interview room… go get that what you want now!

Pose #4: The Pencil Smile

how to be confident with power posing

Obviously, how can you smile if you’re so stressed? Calm down with this power pose, hold a pencil or a pen between your teeth for one or two minutes. You won’t believe at yourself when you’ll experience a renewed natural smile and a sense of relaxation after releasing the pencil!

Personally, I’m so interested in human behavior that I could spend my days reading about these researches, and I couldn’t stop myself from thinking I had to share this information that felt to me for heaven.

These findings suggest that, in some situations requiring power, people have the ability to “fake it ’til they make it.” Over time and in aggregate, these minimal postural changes and their out-comes potentially could improve a person’s general health and well-being. This potential benefit is particularly important when considering people who are or who feel chronically powerless because of lack of resources, low hierarchical rank in an organization, or membership in a low-power social group.

Dana R. Carney, Amy J.C. Cuddy, and Andy J. Yap

Discover More Power Poses And An Amazing Story

This video is so inspiring and rich of feelings that it will be a life changer for you, as it’s been for me.
Amy Cuddy has a truly inspiring personal story she shares in this disruptive, now ultra popular, TED Talk, and I don’t want to anticipate anything but the fact that you have to see it.

Just know that her research has been covered on CNN, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and many others.


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