“Darlin’, I spent the last 3 hours stuck on the computer screen, googling honeymoon dresses for girl just to find out everybody’s trying to sell me ridiculous clothes that I won’t wear anymore after the first night, ya know?

I just wanted something easy to wear for the mornings at the beach, our excursions and some romantic nights out, but I can’t find anything online. Anyway, you’re coming to my wedding party, aren’t you?”

Samantha, you’re my very best friend. How in the world you dare telling me such things?

So, this was my reply:

Honey, you know I’m a stylist, don’t you remember?
Why didn’t you call me before?
‘Cause when it comes to clothes hunting, I got the solution, ya know?”

It’s called VacayStyle, and it’s not the new way of calling some sort of flamingo prints that will make your budget fly away asap.

Elizabeth, the founder of VacayStyle, embarked with her hubby on an 18-month sailing honeymoon. And since she’s a fashionista at her heart and an entrepreneur at her head, she couldn’t but have a genius idea involving wrinkle-free stylish clothes.

Honeymoon dresses for girl caftanNot me, but sooo me! Chasing a relaxing tan

Clothes for honeymoon? Let me give you an idea..

…and finally free you from the unmissable back pain that comes packed with your luggage:

You simply tap vacaystyle.com, and discover a 5 pieces collection that incredibly turns out to be a whole 14 pieces wardrobe.  So, you get 14 basic outfits that you can dress up and down pairing each outfit with different accessories.

When Samantha heard me on the phone declaiming the Cabo Collection and all the possible styles she would pull out of her teeny-tiny trolley, she couldn’t believe me. Thought I was mocking her.

“I’ve never been more serious, Sam. I’m sending you the link, and you’ll have a look!”

Honeymoon dresses for girl 14 OutfitsHere it is. The smartest collection I’ve ever seen.

That’s how we decided the Cabo Collection is going to be my wedding present for the couple.

It’s beautifully designed, built up on warm colors that are a feast for the eye, and incredibly soft, lightweight fabrics.

It even includes two ivory pieces with lace details and a super cute tote bag that comes as a gift with the collection. Something I wouldn’t miss anyway, nor would Samantha.

Because, who wants to argue at the airport before the vacation begins? I know her hubby will appreciate if his wifey for lifey suddenly and unexpectedly “learns” how to pack light while still looking gorgeous every day and night of their honeymoon, as always.

Honeymoon dresses for girl: how to style the Cabo Collection

Honeymoon dresses for girl Cabo WardrobeThe Cabo Maxi Dress, $168, makes 5 outfits
Honeymoon dresses for girl maxi strapelessPut the top aside and the Cabo Maxi Dress becomes an ankle-length strapless dress!

The Cabo Maxi dress

As you can see, it’s a two-pieces, convertible dress. What you don’t know is that when you get the Cabo Maxi dress, you have at least four different ways to style it:

  1. As a super soft, brightly colored maxi dress that gently wraps around your waist to enhance your body shape. You can wear in the  morning with flats and flip flops. But what about turning it in an elegant dress for the night? Golden sandals and a clutch plus some precious earrings and a delicate throw will make the trick.
  2. Take off the top, pull the skirt waistband over your breast and voilà.. you have a delicious ankle-length strapless dress for the morning. Or for the night, if you follow the styling tip I told you before!
  3. Take the top and pair it with different bottoms. A shorts for the morning, a white or black skirt for the night, pants, jeans or leggings whatever you want, it’s up to you. In the bottom range you just have to fine tune what you like more, a round skirt or a pencil one? Denim or leggings? Wide leg or Capris? You see how I simplified talking about just four outfits..
  4. Put the top aside and just wear the skirt as a skirt. It’s beautifully designed to gently flow over your hips and it’s slightly round. Wear it as a high waist skirt over a skin tight or loose top, or pull the waistband over your hips if you’re more in the boho mood.

It comes out that the Cabo Maxi dress is one of the smartest honeymoon dresses for girl you’ll ever get, and unlike other things you’ll pack for honeymoon ( um, read fluffy handcuffs here..) you’ll use it over and over again once you come back home!


Honeymoon dresses for girl cabo jumpsuitThe Cabo Jumpsuit, 2-pieces and $168, makes 4 basic outfits to dress up or down with accessories like heels..
Honeymoon dresses for girl jumpsuitI would wear it with flats for a simple morning style
Honeymoon dresses for girl jumpsuit topYou could also wear the top on a different bottom, like denim shorts!
Honeymoon dresses for girl jumpsuit caboGreat for building stylish honeymoon memories…!

The Cabo Jumpsuit

Just perfect for building your memories. Why am I telling this?

Because you’ll likely pass half of your honeymoon taking pictures. And because this jumpsuit is literally an evergreen, from every angle. Do you remember what it feels like leafing through your parents’ wedding photos? If they got married in the 80s …you know what I mean, just look at their shoulder pads!

But if your parents got married in the 70s or even in the 60s, you know what iconic clothing looks like. It’s always stylish, like this jumpsuit.

I won’t tell you how to style it, because you already know there a gazillion ways to style a two-pieces, convertible like this. It’s made up of a top + pants even if you wouldn’t tell, so styling each of the two pieces is up to you!

Honeymoon dresses for girl lace dressThe Cabo Lace Dress, $138, comes with a strapless slip, so you can wear it as a dress or on your bikini
Honeymoon dresses for girl cabo lace dressI would even dare to add golden heels and precious accessories for a romantic dinner, under the moonlight for sure!

The Cabo Lace Dress

There is a special love for lace and pom poms spreading around these days, because you see them everywhere lately, especially in the summer collections. The Cabo lace dress is a must have for every vacation, and one of the unmissable pieces among the ocean of honeymoon dresses for girl.

It’s an a-line dress in soft stretch lace that you can wear alone over your bikini for a glamorous beachy look, or even with its strapless slip to enjoy strolling around the town.

I would even add golden accessories, pearls and high heels to turn it into a romantic lace gown for the night. What about pairing it with a golden chain belt? You could also play with colored accessories like red, black or pastel pink, depending on your personal taste. Because it’s ivory, you can style the Cabo Lace Dress dress in a ton of amazing ways.

Honeymoon dresses for girl cabo caftanThe Cabo Caftan, $98 is great on the beach. But what about wearing it with white leggings and big colored bangles?

The Cabo Caftan

Another piece of this fab collection, the Cabo Caftan is pure joy and sunbaths. You’ll wear it on your beachy mornings, while sailing from an island to the next one. And once you find out the perfect hammock to curl up for a little nap, it’ll keep the skin on your back safe from the ropes.

And what about wearing it on a funny evening? Pair it with white leggings and big jewels, like bangles and colored stones to get the maximum effect!

I didn’t talk you about…

The Cabo Lace Top, the 5th piece of this great collection. And the super cute bag you get togheter with the collection.

I didn’t even mention the fact that there’s a 20% off the Cabo Collection when you shop on VacayStyle. You should definitely have a look!