Unique Dinnerware Sets on a summer tablescape cover

Every time I want to gather friends in my kitchen I get mad about everything, because you know, I’m a hopeless kitchen maniac. I got it from my mom. Plus, here in Italy, and especially in my family, we take the dining and drinking ritual very seriously. Like, You’re eating pizza from the box? Don’t you DARE!

I love to gather with my friends and family around a sumptuous table at least once a week, quaffing my home cooked dishes with a good glass of wine. In such moments, relax, laughs and good feelings come so easy and setting-up a great tablescape is so worth the effort!

Now, depending on what you’re gonna eat and on the mood you want to achieve, details make the difference. So, after looking around for my never ending kitchen wishlist, I find that a no brainer way to set up an elegant tablescape is to add a touch of gold.

Like, golden flatware. Or a little golden border around the dishes or on the glasses. It’s so simple, yet so chic, and I found a lot of great golden flatware sets here and here that are also easy to pair with the basics you most likely already have.

What if all you have is a simple set of white dishes and normcore transparent glasses? Then, a golden detail like the flatware, or some striped bowls and this salt & pepper set will transform your weekly dinner with friends in a charming event!

Cover picture via  @casadeperrin