Coat slinging, or wearing your outerwear over the shoulders, has always been a thing in Italy. As far as I can remember, all the women I know use to wear coats and jackets like a cape and I find it so stylish!

On the other hand, the trend of the season is wearing coats off the shoulder, that is: on first instance I wear my coat properly just to deliberately make it fall of the shoulders, forearm level, like a shawl.

No doubts, both styles are impressive and highly instagrammable, but what’s best in terms of real-life, looking good AND handy style?

Now, while I believe that great photos are always inspiring, I also find that coat slinging pertains to the category of style and off the shoulder is an amazing way to use outerwear in naturally looking, staged photos.

The off the shoulder trend is a great way to show off an outfit adding life and movement to pictures, but it’s totally not handy in real life. Can you imagine yourself stepping into your office like this?

Coat Slinging vs Off The Shoulder 2


Why coat slinging is not outdated

If you want to add a touch of charm to your daily outfits, in a way that is super stylish AND also very handy, you can always opt for coat slinging.

And I have a bunch of good reasons for that:

  • Wearing coats or jackets cape-like is a smart way to get covered when you rapidly switch environment. Like when you’re in the car and quickly get out and walk in a heated building, it may be your office, a bank, a shop, a theater… Especially in these situations, coat slinging prevents armpits from flooding your new turtleneck sweater in literally milliseconds!
  • From a styling perspective, draping a jacket ( a leather jacket looks fantastic  too!) or a coat over the shoulders is a good way to show off outfits and build great layerings.
  • It’s extremely stylish and elegant. Wearing a coat or a jacket over the shoulders is a quick way to upgrade any outfit.
  • It breaks that boring uniform-like feeling we get in the cold seasons when  we repeatedly wear the same coat, all buttoned up, day after day.
  • Coat slinging is a style not a fad, you’ll never look outdated with your coat over your shoulders, it just feels natural.


Now, let me wrap up this post with good intentions. Whatever style you choose to wear, the only thing that matters is you just feel so yourself!

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