Sometimes it seems like business casual for women is rocket science. Can I pair this with that? What should I wear on this occasion?

Many talk about It, but it seems difficult to understand where to start, actually. Everybody says you should be “conservative” and “classic” and its done!

However, being a working woman means you’re spending at least 40 hours a week – that is 1,920 hours per year- at your working place. You’re trying and deserving to get a career advancement, right?

So why the heck is everyone talking about fashion weeks and what to wear on a red carpet? 😀

Here you won’t find an answer to this question.

But if you want to know how to get a breakthrough style to look more professional and trustworthy in your REAL life, then you’re in the right place.


“Real Women Need Real Clothing For Real Jobs”

John T. Molloy

Look, the business casual dress code is not just about fashion and clothes, it’s a way to communicate who you are, where you want to go and a bunch of other messages.

Here’s a quick list of 3 basics you need to start cracking the code of business casual for women.

1 – Wear This Key Garment To Get A Boost Of Authority

Wear the Blazer.
Not just a blazer, but The Blazer.

Which one?

  • First of all the one that best matches your outfit’s colors. For example, if you’re going out with grey pants and black shoes you can opt for the classic black/gray blazer or for a powerful palette of pastels or bright colors.
  • Then, the one that best wraps your body. Not too tight, not too loose. Consider you have to keep it on for at least 8 hours and you don’t want to continuously control or adjust the fit while you’re talking with someone!
  • No prints or brocades for your blazer please. Period.

The blazer is the key piece of your business casual attire, since it’s been imported from the male wardrobe, it makes you look more powerful and authoritative. So, go along with the style that’s better accepted by your company, and wear it.

business casual blazer for women
No prints or brocades for your business casual blazer please!

Now, I’d like to say so many things about the blazer, because it’s such an important piece of clothing that behavioral researches have been made about it. But we’re on a quick list of business attire for women, so I’ll go ahead now, and we’ll dig deeper in the blazer science in the next posts. Promise!

2 – Refine Your Blazer With This Guaranteed Choice

Ok, it’s not a breaking news if I say that a blazer plus a shirt make an office attire, right?

But, you shouldn’t take it for granted. In fact, are you sure about the shirt’s color to pick?
Are you the convinced solids supporter, or would you allow yourself to wear… – pssst, read whispering – …prints?

As you continue reading this blog, you’ll discover a new angle for the words “conservative” and “classic”, because you’ll find out the REAL purpose of wearing a business casual outfit.

Clearly, these two little words in which most of the people trap the formal attire for women, are put in practice by literally dressing classic.
But hardly classic coincide with “unique fine taste”, it is mostly interpreted like “boring”.

So you should wear boring outfits and expect people to trust and like you?

It’d be like :

“ Hey, let’s open a bank account at OldBoringBank Inc.! They don’t work online and you have to wait a month for the money transfer to arrive, but ya know, all their 95 years old employees are so experienced!”

Way too much? 😀

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The shirt’s choice is really subjective and you can pick prints or solids, just keep in mind that they should always look professional.

What does it mean?

I’d suggest to avoid things like palm prints in bright colors, or cute doggies, bunnies, flying pigs, insects, animals, leopard prints and things like that.
When you opt for prints, always choose soft colors, and you’ll get a refined and balanced look.

Shirt's Choice for office attire
If you pick printed shirts, opt for delicate colors and pattern.

As a rule of thumb, consider that your shirt is just partially visible under the blazer, so the print comes out as a sort of accessory!

When you choose solids, pick the colors that best suits the outfit and your skin tone.

3- Complete The Outfit And You’re Ready To Kick Off

Imagine, what is another powerful complement to your business casual outfit?

Obviously, the shoes!

Hey, this is your boiling point, isn’t it?

Change the shoes and you change the outfit they say. And it’s true.
However, here’s a slap in the face for your doubts, so just keep reading to see why.

You really have so much choice about shoes. But clearly, only three elements separate the right shoes from the wrong ones: Style + Color + Heel.

1- What Style Is Good For Work?

Avoid platforms at all costs, they’re not appropriate for formal working situations. If you want heels opt for pumps.

  •  If you like flat shoes, please don’t tell me you like ballerinas, they’re so boring!
    What about a stylish pair of loafers or oxfords? Give them a try, they’re incredibly stylish and office appropriate.
  • Also avoid boots, they don’t look good with midi skirts. They’re just fine with minis, but minis are not appropriate for work! You can always wear ankle booties under pants.

2- How To Balance Your Color Choice

  • Pick the color you like, even patent leather is good, but avoid metal and crystals applications.
  • If you like prints, make sure they match the color range of your outfit and beware of the heel. Balance the visibility of the print with the heel’s height.
  • Rule of thumb: the more outstanding the print, the shorter the heel!
platforms vs pumps on office attire
Ok to heels, but keep platforms out of the office!

3 – What Heels Are More Appropriate In Business Casual For Women?

  • Ok kitten heels.
  • Ok pumps and stilettos, but no more than 3 inches ( 10 cm).
  • No to sculpture and fantasy heels, keep ‘em for the weekends.
  • Ok to wedges, but just the no-platform ones and always no more than 3 inches (10 cm).

Here’s an outfit idea for your office attire!

simple outfit idea for business casual dress code

1. Black Blazer /2. Black Skirt / 3. Pink Shirt / 4. Coral Pink Bag / 5.Printed Pumps


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