White and denim outfits are a classic. But, heads-up, there’s no way to  make them boring.

The fact is, when you think about what to wear with your old favorite flare jeans, your endless fantasy doesn’t look so endless, right?

You just finish wearing them with a white top, a shirt or a tee, because it just looks like the perfect deal.

The truth is, there’s such an amount of possibilities that, by the time you finish reading this page, you’ll be impressed by the white and denim outfit alternatives you have to get off the “classic mood”.

Just picture, what it’s like to pair the brightest existing color with the most versatile fabric ever created?  You could fill up the whole Pinterest!

In fact, if you think about how denim is built, it’s definitely 50% white.

Let me explain: 

Just throw a close look at your distressed jeans, you’ll find out that the denim fabric is woven of two threads. And guess what?

One thread is colored, blue for your blue jeans, and the other is white.

It comes out that, white and denim outfits are maybe the most stylish way to celebrate such an old and innovative fabric, created as a working item that seduced the whole world starting from the Epic “lands West of the Mississippi”.

Denim as a symbol – From the Legend to Womens Jeans

Legend says denim was used for the sails of Columbus’ ships, really meaning like they brought a wind of change.  So, once in the US, denim became not just a clothing item, but a powerful social symbol.

“Denim is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young.”


Here’s the bottom line:

When you talk about denim, you are knee-deep in the human nature, since blue jeans are the symbol of free thinking and wild soul.

[Tweet “Since the day jeans met people, they became a symbol of independence and individualism.”]

That’s why I enjoyed to see how many white and denim outfits I was able to put together without much effort.

And I have to say, it was an easy task, since denim is a passe-partout.

It’s sporty, elegant, chic, fashion, edgy, excessive and average at the same time, it all depends on how you style it.

You probably already know that jeans and denim originated as two different fabrics, and you won’t believe this, but the jeans that we know today were called “waist overall”, nice uh?!

What’s Your Favorite Outfit?

In a moment, you’ll see the 24 white and denim outfits I put together to inspire your style. And to make you feel free to play with your clothes, expressing your personality.

As you scroll through the page, you will see the eclecticism of a simple pair of jeans, and what unexpected results you can get form mixing different styles.

Starting form “The Chic Combo” with a pair of high rise jeans, at place #1, until “The Golden Girl” at #24, you’ll get all the freedom that fashion represents and that only personal style is able to express.

Day by day I’m realizing how much of a game life is, and how thrilling it’s to play, try new experiences, and give everything a chance!

Now tell me about you, which of the white and denim outfits is your favorite? Which one inspires you most? And why?

Write it all in a comment and share you favorite combination!

– 24 White and Denim Outfits –


#1  The Chic Combo

white and denim outfits - high waisted jeans and a white top

Bag / Top / Wide leg Jeans

#2  The Fashion Samurai


white and denim outfits - mih jeans and white pumpsWhite Pumps / Denim Kimono

#3  La Coco à La Mode


white and denim outfits - cherry skirt, chanel white bag and a denim jacketFloral Skirt / Quilted Bag / Denim Jacket

#4  The Easy Chic

white and denim outfits - jeans coatCoat / Bag  / Laser-cut Pumps


#5  The Spring Girl

white and denim outfits - white denim jeansWhite Jeans / Denim Jacket / Printed Foulard


#6  Urban Style


white and denim outfits - denim espadrilles and white bagBag / Espadrilles / Anorak

#7  The Bold

white and denim outfits - backpackVest / Knit Hat / Backpack

#8  The Shopaholic

white and denim outfits - moschino bagBag / Polka Dot Pumps / White Blouse

#9  West Of The Mississippi


white and denim outfits - wear white jeans and denim shirt form ralph laurenWhite Pumps / Striped Clutch / Flag Shirt

#10  The Cozy Feet

white and denim outfits - urbanBling-Bow UGGs / Ripped Jeans / White Wool Sweater

#11  Equestrian Chic

white and denim outfits - britWhite Bag / Denim Pumps / Quilted Vest

#12 Country Chic

white and denim outfits - overall chicDenim Overall / White Bag / Daisy Sandals

#13 The Sporty Fashionista

white and denim outfits - fur inspoWhite Sneakers / Denim and Fur 

#14  The Country Girl

white and denim outfits - wedgesBag /  Wedges / Jacket

#15  The Romantic

white and denim outfits - easy chicEarrings / Top / Pumps 


#16  Italian Style

white and denim outfits dolce gabbana - high rise bootcut jeansJeans  / Top / Maiolica Bag

#17  The Pretty

WHITE AND DENIM OUTFITS - POLKA DOTS HEELSDenim Pumps / Denim Bag / White Sweater

#18  The Rainbow Fashionista


#19  The Romantic

WHITE AND DENIM OUTFITS POLKA DOTSPolka Dot Jeans / White Top / Straw Hat

#20  The Rebel

white and denim outfits dress and ponchoWhite Dress / Denim Cape

#21  The Dreamer

white and denim outfits - lace dress and shoesWhite Sunglasses / Denim Flats / Lace Dress

#22  The Tourist


white and denim outfits + backpackQuilted Backpack / Top / Jeans

#23  The Fashion Blogger


white and denim - jumperWhite Skirt / Earrings / Clutch / Quilted Jacket

#24  The Golden Girl

white and denim outfits - clutchWhite Top / Bracelets  / Blue Jeans / Clutch

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Then, don’t think twice before pinning your favorite white and denim outfits on Pinterest. Let’s see if we can fill it up!

Plus, and more important than anything else, write  a line in the comments and tell me what’s your favorite white and denim outfit.

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