How To Get Perfect Skin: The Definitive Guide

If you’re wondering how to get perfect skin, but you don’t know where to start, this guide’s for you.

I believe everyone, everywhere, wants to feel beautiful and flawless. And even if you and me, we both know that super smooth faces and perfect smiles belong more to photoshoots and photoshop than to real life, we still aim for a bit of that perfection when we face the mirror.

But, when you find yourself googling and browsing around to find the best DIY facial mask and the ultimate skin care product to boost your daily routine, you already know what you’re getting is just a piece of the puzzle.

So, I said to myself it would be great to bring you a big definitive guide on how to get perfect skin.

How To Get Perfect Skin – The Definitive Guide


I put together the top-notch articles, tutorials, and products on skin care from the best online resources, and I wrapped everything up in 8 fantastic chapters, so you can jump here and there to find what you’re looking for, and come back for more whenever you want.

You don’t have to read random posts anymore to figure out the best ways to manage your skin and look a fraction of your age, and of the hours you worked today.



#1 How To Figure Out Your Skin Type And Tone

#2 How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin

#3 How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin

 #4 How To Get Your Skin Smooth And Glowing

#4 The Best Vitamins For Your Skin

#5 The Best DIY Masks Of The Web

#6 The Top 7 Skin Care Products According To Beauty Bloggers

#7 The Top 12 Best Selling Books About Skin Care

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How To Figure Out Your Skin Type And Tone

As I said before, If you’re serious about improving your face and learn how to get perfect skin, first of all, get an idea of where you are now.

Once you figure out your skin type, you’ll be able to choose the best skin care routine to enhance your natural beauty.

In this chapter you’ll also find a super simple method to figure out your skin tone and get to know the color palette that goes best with your natural colors.


Watch these videos to know your skin type..


…And your skin tone and undertone..


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chapter 2

How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin

Now that you know your skin type, take remedies!

Luckily, between the many flaws and issues we all have with with our skin, there’s only two main categories to fix – dry skin and oily skin.

If you have oily skin, you’ll love this chapter, because I covered all the basics you should follow daily, from the best skin care routine to simple make up tips, to make your face look flawless all day long.


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chapter 3

How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, chances are you always feel it uneven and irritated. The news is, putting on a bunch of cream won’t always make a difference, because you may need hydration, vitamins or particular nutrients to revive your skin.

In this chapter you’ll find the best basics you should cover to get a toned and hydrated skin. Plus, a useful makeup tutorial to get a glowing face even with dry skin.


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chapter 4

How To Get Your Skin Smooth And Glowing

Whatever your skin type, if you wanna have an idea of how to get perfect skin, consider reading every link on this chapter.

Why? Because perfect skin is basically made of two things: smooth skin and glowing skin. And these links down here, will tell you everything about it. I warmly recommend you to watch Wayne Goss Hollywood makeup tutorial, because it’s really life changing.

He’s one of my favorite makeup artists, not only for his to-die-for British accent, but because he really makes it all so simple, easy and effective to repeat at home.


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chapter 5

The Best Vitamins For Your Skin

Now that you have discovered your skin type and tone, and you have fixed your flaws getting a smooth and glowing face, it’s time to get an in-depth view of how to get perfect skin inside-out.

This chapter is dedicated to vitamins, the most important elements to get to know how to get perfect skin from the inside, and not only.

Here you’ll find out the vitamins you have to look for if you want to make your skin healthy, smooth, hydrated and really happy.

how to get perfect skin - vitamins



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chapter 6

Organic Skin Care – The Best DIY Face Masks From Around The Web

Lately, organic skin care products and natural skin care tips are really trending. That’s because the most important elements to keep your skin hydrated and healthy are inside fruits, vegetables and all mother earth’s goodies.

Here I’ve selected the best DIY facial masks to purify, cleanse, soothe and smooth your skin, without spending a dime (which is also good!).

how to get perfect skin -DIY Face Masks-2


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chapter 7

The Top 7 Skin Care Products According To Beauty Bloggers

Now, if you had enough of honey & lemon and you’ve saved big dollars for the beauty department, you’re ready for the beauty blogger’s suggestions (…just joking!).

Here I’ve grouped a countdown of the top 7 skin products according to beauty bloggers, and I’m clearly quoting their own words about the product they mention. 🙂

Purity#7  Philosophy Purity Made Simple

“..Is one that almost every beauty guru has tried and loved. I hear about this product everywhere as a great basic, and I’ve heard it is lovely paired with a Clairsonic. It’s a good “I don’t want to think about it; I just want something that works” cleanser.”

Elle Fowler – Dreaming In Blush

Santa Maria Novella#6  Santa Maria Novella Mimosa Cream

“I once read on Into the Gloss that Amanda Harlech used this cream. I understand why – It’s really good for bumpy and irritated skin.”

Annie – She’s In The Glow

Becca Shimmering#5  Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal

“…Then the most important part in faking a summer glow, is highlighter. My recent favourites have been Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, a cream highlighter that has a champagne pearly finish. Really blendable and is perfect for making cheekbones all glowy.”

Corrie – Dizzybrunette3

Kiehl's#4  The Micro Blur Skin Perfector and Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector

” …Both interestingly sit somewhere between make up and skincare. The first is hands down one of the best pore-disguising primers I’ve ever tried, with a beautiful silky formula that evens out skin texture enough to be used on make up free days to make things look a little softer…  The Dark Circle Perfector has also been an absolutely HG item for me (to the point where I practically hear angels singing as I reach for it in the morning) in disguising those little purple/blue bags that come with being a life-long member of the dark circle club.”

Alix – I Covet Thee

Perfect Image#3  Perfect Image Gel Peel

“When it comes to anti-acne and blackhead skincare, I’m basically looking for industrial strength, so when I saw Perfect Image Gel Peel – which is not a bunch of fancy stuff in a bottle, it’s mostly professional level 20% salicylic acid balanced with soothing and antioxidant essentials (green tea, tea tree, chamomile and cucumber) – I said, yes please.”

Ann Colville Somma – Cult Of Pretty

Cover FX#2  Cover FX – Custom Cover Drops

“…A rather revolutionary makeup product that lives up to its claims. And the claims are – mainly – that this is a highly concentrated pigment (tick) that allows you to customise any product in your beauty regime (tick). That means you can turn pretty much any face-finishing product into a foundation or tinted moisturiser and be in total control of the coverage.”

Ruth Crilly – A Model Recommends

Cure Natural aqua gel#1  Cure Natural Aqua Gel

“A miracle. Crazy. Life Altering. Weird. Incredible. Gross. Voodoo.It completely removes my dead skin and it isn’t one bit painful or rough on the skin. You just apply it to the surface of the skin. Wait a couple minutes. Then Rub your skin in circular motions. You will start to feel your removed skin under your fingers. Rinse thoroughly. Be floored over how clear and smooth your skin is.”

Cara – MaskCara

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chapter 8

The Top 12 Best Selling Books About Skin Care

When I put this guide together I had no idea that women loved so much reading books about their skin and how they could make it better.

But, as I read the reviews, it was clearer and clearer that these best selling books actually bring life changing value to the reader. The same value that I want to bring you with this little website.

So here we are, I set up a list of 12 Amazon’s best selling books, and I’m quoting the readers reviews, so you can quickly scan through the titles and find out your sparkly little treasure..!

  1. “..I love this book because the content is easily understandable. The information about basic skin care for all skin types is concise, brief but not glazed over. The Q&A format is actually fun to read…”
  2. “I’ve grown up with acne all my life and i hate it, i cant wear make up or anything to cover it and its been a nightmare. Until i found this book. Healthy Body Books has taught me the importance of sleep, good food and exercise, all things i only did half-enthused before. Now that i have regimented these into my daily routine along with a view recommended DIY facials i have noticed a huge difference! This book has changed my life and made me much more confident in myself. Thank you!
  3.  “I learned a lot more than I thought I would! Charlotte does a great job of simplifying why each step works & what type of products you should look for for your skin type.”
  4.  “I would recommend this book if you are interested in your own health care with regards to skin care or if you made your own skin care. A must to have on hand.”
  5.  “Recently purchased Homemade Facial Masks, loved all the tips and ideas, not to mention the masks themselves and purchased 3 more copies which I gave as gifts to girlfriends. Most ingredients were right in my kitchen which made prep time a snap. My favorites so far are “Simply Avocado”, “Cucumber & Mint Refresher “, “Starry Eyes” and “Anti-Aging Facial Mask”. This book would make a great anytime gift, birthday or holiday. Put together a basket with book, ingredients for a couple masks, tools and WOW, now that’s a gift any woman would love to receive!”
  6.  “As an independent AVON representative I am very interested in the latest reviews about Cosmetics. The Beauty Industry is almost as scamming as the used car industry. I like to give my customers unbiased advise . This is such a helpful book. It opens your eyes to do your own research and not to believe all the lies the ads tell you. There is no fountain of youth but with the right products and common sense you can slow down time.”
  7.  “I am thankful that this book is out there to educate all of us trying to swim our way through the drugstore for skincare products. I love that this book focuses on the functional concentrations of active ingredients found in products instead of recommending brand names in an effort to teach us to understand what we are buying and using. “
  8.  “Finally a book that addresses true challenges, from a very real person. Not only will this help you see yourself in a whole new light, you will be able to literally change your outlook on many levels and discover your true self, becoming your healthiest “you” ever!
    What a gift!! Beautifully and truthfully written.
    Love this book!”
  9.  “NOT ONLY does he give you recipes on how to create you’re own recipes towards the end of the book, but he tells you about company secrets using petro-chemicals to cut costs, and what kinds of chemicals and herbs are good AND bad for you.
    He also informs us of his childhood in the beginning, which I found very pleasant to read. This guy knows his stuff, this book is under-rated!”
  10.  “Amazing book! His original and best…you will learn about your body and skin and how you can keep both looking and functioning better longer! A must read if you are concerned about beauty inside and out!!”
  11.  “Having been in professional skin care for 17 years, I find this book a marvelous reference. Its provides some of the latest findings and theories for accurate analysis. For the lay person,new student,or beauty editor, it offers great insight into the complexity of our skin, the body’s largest organ, and how it plays a vital role to protect us. It also explains about skin diseases and how they are recognized and treated.”
  12.  “There’s a lot of good info in this book and I like the layout. you take dr Baumann’s tests to determine your skin type. and then you read general info about your skin type, examples of famous people who had it , care and product recommendations, which ingredients to avoid, even diet tips. very helpful book.”


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Hey, I believe you and I have learned so much right now on how to get perfect skin.

If you love this guide, write me a comment and let me know if you’d like to have more guides like this or if you want another chapter on something that you think is missing.
And don’t forget to share!




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  • Thank you so much for this post ! I see a great deal of effort was put in and it’s really great. My skin has been breaking out all of a sudden so I’m going to try some of your tips!

    • Hi Aydrene, you’re right, this post took a big effort to research and set-up, but I think it’s worth it. I’d really love to make a difference with this website..! Let me know what tips you’re trying out 🙂

  • My skin has been horrible recently, so definitely going to put this post into use – thanks!

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  • Great article it is important that people understand their skin type as so many are unsure.

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  • It’s sort of scary how much make up change peoples’ looks! I remember once reading in the news that a guy got married to a woman, on the next day after the wedding he woke up to see a completely different person laying next to him, he thought it was somebody else lol and ended up going to court… which I think is mean but I don’t know…

    • Hi Diana, it’s true makeup makes so much, and sometimes beautiful face features are cloaked by other issues like irritated skin, scares or dark spots. I appreciate when people enhance their own features converting weaknesses into qualities, for me it’s a sign of high self-confidence, which is not so bad in the world we live today.
      That said, your story is funny, and I think it’s more related with lies and a – very common – shallow relationship..! 🙂

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    • Hey Lisa, skin is perpetually changing, I think you’ll love the smooth and glowing chapter and the DIY masks to purify your skin. Also, let me know if you’d like to read other chapters that I might have overlooked. Have a nice day!

  • Nice guide! So vaste and complete. It totally enlightened my day, now I know some more on the subject and I will try to follow your advices 😉

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  • Very interesting, this blogpost is so huge and so very helpfull. I have always had a difficulty defining my skin type and now I think I finally figured it out! 😀 Will definitely favorite this post and come back more often!

    By the way all the items from Santa Maria Novella are amazing, their home items and teas as well 🙂

    xo Saranda

    • Hi Saranda, Thank you for leaving such an amazing comment!
      YEs Santa Maria Novella has definitely great products. I have a cousin who lives near Firenze and every year she brings me SMN products as christmas presents, so precious! 🙂

  • Anna, those are some great tips ! For me the most important is to eat well (I’m vegeterian tourning vegan, a lot of good things and lot of vitamins in my diet) and hydrate !

    • Nat, we’re on the same ship then! I’m not totally vegan, but I avoid eating dairy and meat as much as I can, and it works so fine for my guts too!

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  • I live in India and heat takes a big toll on my skin. Those tips are going to work for me well. I use Aloe Vera and a vegetarian diet at the moment. These additions are something I look forward to. Thank you!

    • Thank you Shivani for stopping by!
      I’m trying aloe vera too, and it’s fantastic.

      Food and hydration is such an important resource for our skin. Now that I’m aging ( 34 years as of today) I’m starting to clearly see the difference between my skin and my peer’s. I drink a lot of water, eat fruit and vegetables every day, use solar screen all year round and believe me, people always think I’m a twenty something!
      Plus, I still haven’t started to use anti-aging creams or anything like that, because my skin is very sensitive but also oily.
      I believe the secret’s in the food. I live in Italy, and we have a culture for cooking/eating at home most of the time (it’s also less expensive), so I skip processed food 99% of the time, and I think that’s great!